The Australian Italian Lawyers Association[AILA] comprises Australian lawyers who have an Italian background or are Italophiles and provides opportunities for them to engage in professional activities in an environment that celebrates Italian ideals and promotes cultural harmony and diversity.

The purposes of the Association, in accordance with the Rules, are:

  • To encourage contact between those practising or interested in the laws of Australia;
  • Within Australia, to facilitate links between lawyers with an interest in the practice of the law and to provide continuing legal education and the exchange of legal information;
  • To facilitate and encourage contact and interchange between lawyers of Italian origin and Italophilic lawyers throughout the world;
  • To establish links between lawyers in Australia and lawyers in Italy, as well as lawyers in other countries, with a view to fostering friendship, trade, cultural and educational exchange between such countries;
  • To facilitate law reform in areas of interest to the Italian-Australian community;
  • To establish links with other professional bodies in Australia, Italy, Cyprus and other countries, particularly those with a Italian diaspora;
  • To assist those in need in the Italian-Australian community with finding solutions to legal problems;
  • In the educational arena, to further the knowledge of Italianlaw and European law, both formally and informally, to hold conferences and seminars on issues of law and business on topics of relevance between Australia and Italy and to develop a resource base of printed, audio visual and electronic material compatible with the aims and purposes of the association;
  • To encourage contact between those practising or interested in, the law of Italy and Europe;
  • To address problems and assist in providing solutions to Italian-Australians in Australia in assessing their legal rights in Italy;
  • To publish a journal both on the activities of the Association and on issues of practical and academic interest regarding topics of Italo-Australian law;
  • To foster work exchange on a business and academic level between Australia and Italy or any other country;
  • To develop plans for Australian law students to study in Italy or any other country and vice-versa;
  • To facilitate the study of Italian language in Australia, to further the knowledge of Italian law;
  • To establish a scholarship fund;
  • Such other purposes as the Association, meeting at a general meeting, may determine.